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Adolescent Homework Planner | Psychotherapy | Mental Disorder

Add to cart. Edward [Editor]. Infrastructure Finance by Neil Grigg. Has decreased or stopped activities such as work, household chores, social- izing, exercise, sex, or other pleasurable activities because of pain.

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Experiences an increase in general physical discomfort e. Exhibits signs and symptoms of depression. Acquire and utilize the necessary pain management skills.

Regulate pain in order to maximize daily functioning and return to produc- tive employment. Find relief from pain and build renewed contentment and joy in performing activities of everyday life.

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Find an escape route from the pain. Accept the chronic pain and move on with life as much as possible. Lessen daily suffering from pain. Describe the nature of, history 1. Complete a thorough medical 3. Refer the client to a physician examination to rule out any or clinic to undergo a thorough alternative causes for the pain examination to rule out any undi- and reveal any new treatment agnosed condition and to receive possibilities.

Follow through on a referral to 4. Give the client information on a pain management or rehabili- the options of pain management tation program. Elicit from the client a verbal commitment to cooperate with pain management specialists, headache clinic, or rehabilitation program. Complete a thorough medica- 7.

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Ask the client to complete a medi- tion review by a physician who cation review with a specialist in is a specialist in dealing with chronic pain or headaches; confer chronic pain or headache con- with the physician afterward about ditions. Participate in a cognitive be- 8. Form a small, closed enroll- havioral group therapy for pain ment group 4—8 clients for pain management. Verbalize an understanding of 9. Teach the client key concepts pain.

Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner, 5th Edition

Teach the client a rationale for of the rationale for treatment. Assign the client to read sections from books or treatment manu- als that describe pain conditions and their cognitive behavioral treatment e.

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Identify and monitor specific Teach the client self-monitoring pain triggers. Learn and implement somatic Refer the client for or conduct biofeedback training e. Assign practice of the skill at home. Assign a homework exercise in which the client implements somatic pain management skills and records the result; review and process during the treatment ses- sion. Incorporate physical therapy Refer the client for physical therapy into daily routine. Learn mental coping skills and Teach client distraction techniques implement with somatic skills e.

Increase the level and range of Ask the client to create a list of activity by identifying and en- activities that are pleasurable to gaging in pleasurable activities. Identify negative pain-related Assign the client to read about cognitive restructuring in relevant books or treatment manuals e.

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Integrate and implement new Assist client in integrating learned mental, somatic, and behav- pain management skills e. Problem-solve obstacles to Teach the client problem-solving implementation of new ways skills to apply to removal of to manage pain. Discuss with the client the distinc- strategies for managing future tion between a lapse and relapse, challenges. Identify and rehearse with the client the management of future situations or circumstances in which lapses could occur, us- ing the strategies learned during therapy.

Follow up with the client periodi- cally to problem-solve difficulties and reinforce successes. Incorporate physical exercise Assist the client in recognizing the into daily routine. Make changes in diet that will Refer the client to a dietician promote health and fitness.

Investigate the use of alter- Learn and implement stress Teach the client stress manage- management techniques.

Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner, 2nd Edition

Connect with sources in your Concrete thinking or impaired abstract thinking. Lack of insight into the consequences of behavior i. Short-term memory deficits. Long-term memory deficits. Difficulty following complex or sequential directions. Loss of orientation to person, place, or time. Distractibility in attention. Impulsive behavior that violates social mores. Speech and language impairment. Develop an understanding and acceptance of the cognitive impairment. Develop alternative coping strategies to compensate for cognitive limita- tions. Describe all symptoms that 1. Cooperate with and complete 3.

Arrange for the client to have psy- neuropsychological testing. Administer appropriate psycho- logical tests e. Obtain a neurological examina- 5. Refer the client to a neurologist tion. Understand and accept cog- 6.

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Inform the client of the results nitive limitations and use of the cognitive assessment and alternate coping mechanisms. Verbalize feelings associated 8. Attempt to follow through to 9. Assign appropriate sequential completion simple sequential tasks for the client to perform and tasks. Implement memory-enhancing Assign and monitor memory- mechanisms.