Any Number Can Play: The Numbers Athletes Wear

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He went on to be a first-round draft pick, Super Bowl champion and four-time Pro Bowl selection.

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Maybe there was something to it. Some numbers seem to have excellence attached to it.

21. Sammy Sosa

The 4 was retired in honor of Steve Fuller at Clemson in the spring of after his All-America career. Then, it was unretired for Deshaun Watson, and he went on to be a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist who led Clemson to the national title. He is the son of Tee Martin, who led Tennessee to the national championship as the quarterback. Martin wore 17, but Rodgers wears 3. The only jersey left was 3, so I took it. I have been able to keep that number ever since. He wears 5 in honor of his cousin, Seth Davis, who was a standout football player and has been like a brother.

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He wore 91 his first two years at Clemson, but really wanted to wear 7 all along. He wore the number in high school, because he wanted to honor his grandfather, Charlie Bryant, who died in the seventh month of the year. He wore 8 when he was in high school, but when he came to Clemson, the number was already assigned. He did not wear 12 in high school, and the number had no history with him when he came to Clemson.

But when he came to school as a freshman, Swinney told him he would have 12 because he reminded him of former Tiger Marcus Gilchrist, a seven-year NFL veteran with the Houston Texans.

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Wallace has already shown that ability this year, especially in the last two plays of the win at NC State when he had a pass breakup and an interception. When he walked on to the team in , he was given Walk-ons usually do not have the opportunity to request a number. Players , Teams , Seasons , Leaders , Awards Athletes , Teams , Years , Games , Glossary , Contact and Media Information , Houston Rockets Boston Celtics 79 San Diego Clippers Denver Nuggets Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers 02 , 03 , Louis Boston Celtics 13 , 14 New Orleans Pelicans Portland Trail Blazers Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns 97 Cleveland Cavaliers Indiana Pacers 95 , 96 , Milwaukee Bucks New York Nets Buffalo Braves Atlanta Hawks 78 Chicago Bulls 79 , Houston Rockets 95 , 96 , 97 , San Antonio Spurs Memphis Grizzlies Phoenix Suns There's a lot of soccer stars who wear 10 that can be traced back to Pele.

Gretzky's 99 is off-limits in hockey, but Gordie Howe's 9 got a lot of love over the years. Basketball: in college basketball, all digits within a uniform number must be to make it easier for the officials to signal fouls with the fingers on one hand.

In the pros, all digits are available for use.

In baseball, pitchers almost never wear single-digit numbers, and even numbers in the low teens are fairly rare. I think there's a loose tradition from the earlier days of the game that position players wore and pitchers were into the double-digits, but there's no rule that forces it to be that way. In both hockey and soccer, there's been a loose trend that's since become a tradition, of giving out numbers back to front -- i.

Goalies tend to be the only ones who wear 1, or else they go with a higher number.

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NBA & ABA Players Who Wore Uniform Number 27

Number sports have a look. How many professional athletes have worn the number 1 on their jersey? Why do Sportsmen have a jersey number? What is the importance of numbers on athletes jersey?

Player Numbers by Position

Russian hockey players will wear 17 to honor Valeri Kharlamov. Ilya Kovalchuk, same thing with Jaromir Jagr wears 68 to honor the Prague Spring. View more. Related Questions How do athletes get or choose their numbers on their jerseys?


Do all players have the numbers of 2 18 on the front of their jersey? Who determines what number an athlete wears? How does one get a jersey number assigned in football? How is the jersey number allotted to sportsmen?