Biogeochemistry of the Ross Sea

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Adult toothfish are neutrally buoyant and are caught from to 2, m.

Despite its size, toothfish eggs and larvae have never been collected, and its life history is uncertain. Adults can be over 1.

Mooring A: Southwestern Ross Sea, Ross Island - Antarctica

Toothfish likely spawn off the continental slope north of the Ross Sea, travel within the Ross Gyre, and return to the shelf to feed as juveniles, eventually migrating off shelf again. Toothfish are largely piscivorous and feed on Antarctic silverfish Pleurogramma antarcticum. Note the many scars in the picture, which likely are the result of encounters with seals, a known predator of toothfish.

Various proposals by different nations were provided, but two — one jointly introduced by Italy and New Zealand, and one introduced by the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition ASOC — were discussed in detail, and the delegates spent a good deal of time merging the two and preserving the strengths of both. The ASOC recommendation suggested a assessments of the representativeness of the protected regions, b assessments of the extent to which threats to the achievement of the specific MPA objectives are being mitigated by the MPA, and c provision for research and monitoring to examine marine systems to understand the role of fishing, environmental variability and climate change.

It further suggested that research address the ecosystem resilience to the external disturbance and the potential for creating a degraded and alternate steady state for the system. The New Zealand-Italy proposal was based on previous bioregionalization delineations that included various areas of the shelf, slope and open water zones, including benthic and pelagic systems Sharp et al.

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Also included in this proposal were guidelines for any future krill fishery that might develop none exists at present, but CCAMLR is mandated to manage this fishery. A conveners report from the workshop will be disseminated for comment. Mormede, S.

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The fixed stations were deployed in. This site is representative of high altitude environments of the North-Western Alps. Six study areas, located along an altitudinal gradient ranging from to m a. Result Type Site 22 Apply Site filter. All Rights Reserved. Marine Biogeochemistry This section is listed in the following Journals.

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Peter D. William P. George W.

The Ross Sea deep microbial community’s role in sequestering CO2

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