Cancer Immunology: Innovative Approaches to Therapy

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Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Program (CIIP)

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Newer monoclonal antibodies

Historical Collection. You do not have JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to access the full features of the site or access our non-JavaScript page. Issue 14, Previous Article Next Article. Another mechanism of resistance to immunotherapy is the escape phenomenon whereby tumors evade T-cell recognition. This can occur due to tumor secretion of immunosuppressive cytokines or immune system exhaustion, where tumor growth is too fast for the immune system to keep up or when immune checkpoints are upregulated. This complex, dynamic relationship between cancer and the immune system has given rise to the age of immuno-oncology and a new era of cancer treatment that brings unique challenges and opportunities.

Current challenges in cancer treatment. Clin Ther ;38 7 Oncology meets immunology: the cancer-immunity cycle.

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Immunity ;39 1 Immunotherapy has the potential to improve the outlook for patients and families affected by the disease and bring us ever closer to effective, lasting cures for esophageal cancer. Donate to Esophageal Cancer Research. Discover the different proteins, pathways, and platforms that scientists and physicians are pursuing to develop new cancer treatments. Use this information to consider your clinical trial options. Targeted antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system that can be customized to target specific markers on cancer cells in order to disrupt cancerous activity, especially unrestrained growth.

Antibody-drug conjugates ADCs are equipped with anti-cancer drugs that they can deliver to tumors. Bi-specific T cell-engaging antibodies BiTEs bind both cancer cells and T cells in order to help the immune system respond more quickly and effectively. Antibody targets under evaluation in esophageal cancer clinical trials include:.

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Cancer vaccines are designed to elicit an immune response against tumor-specific or tumor-associated antigens, encouraging the immune system to attack cancer cells bearing these antigens. Cancer vaccines can be made from a variety of components, including cells, proteins, DNA, viruses, bacteria, and small molecules.

Cancer vaccine targets under evaluation in esophageal cancer clinical trials include:. Natural killer cells NKs and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes TILs can also be enhanced and reinfused in patients. Cell-based immunotherapy targets under evaluation in esophageal cancer clinical trials include:.

Immunotherapy: How the Immune System Fights Cancer

Checkpoint inhibitors target molecules on immune cells to unleash new or enhance existing immune responses against cancer. Cytokines regulate immune cell maturation, growth, and responsiveness. Adjuvants can stimulate pathways to provide longer protection or produce more antibodies. Immunomodulator targets under evaluation in esophageal cancer clinical trials include:. Oncolytic virus therapy uses modified viruses that can infect tumor cells and cause them to self-destruct.

This can attract the attention of immune cells to eliminate the main tumor and potentially other tumors throughout the body. Viral platforms under evaluation in esophageal cancer clinical trials include:. Create a profile and fill out a questionnaire to identify immunotherapy clinical trials for which you may be eligible.