High John the Conqueror

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High John the Conqueror Root

Here are some of the reasons and ways in which you can use this herb:. Everyone loves to have a bit of luck on their side for whatever they do or wherever they go.

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Anointing your new house with High John the Conqueror root along with the conqueror oil will bring the much-needed luck that you have been waiting for. If you want this herb to work, you will have to believe that it will work. Merely using it just for the sake of it will not produce the results that you want. Combine the root with the conqueror oil and always carry in a green bag.

High Jahn the Conqueror

You can also add a four-leaved clover to make it work faster. High John the Conqueror root is also known to protect people from evil spirits. Not just evil spirits, it will keep your house cleansed and protect it from negative energies.

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You can anoint the High John the Conqueror root with a protection oil and place it inside a black bag. In addition to these two ingredients, you will also have to keep peppermint, vetiver, rue, and also an onyx stone. If you think you are in danger, you can carry the bag wherever you go.

It is believed that this unique combination can protect a person from unforeseen circumstances.

High John The Conqueror Oil- Increase Personal Power, Mastery, Money Drawing

If you want to protect your house, you can use the High John the Conqueror root along with the protection oil and sprinkle a bit of Circle of Protection Powder. Log in Sign up.

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  8. The Nine Day Employment Spell Allegedly this spell produces results within nine days; however, it must be accompanied by intensive efforts to locate work. Tie a High John the Conqueror root and a cinnamon stick together, with green, red, or gold thread, knotting your desire and intention into the charm. Dress the botanicals with Three Kings Oil and place inside a red flannel drawstring bag.

    Sprinkle the infusion on salt.

    Allow the salt to dry out. Sprinkle the salt around your home to absorb negativity. Reserve the remaining High John liquid and refrigerate.

    Repeat the spell as desired, daily or weekly. The easiest way to reap the benefits of High John is to carry it on you. Tip: Save your candle and repeat the ritual regularly to ensure that the root stays charged and potent.

    High John The Conqueror Root | Original Products Botanica

    I encourage you to try that too. I hope to see you at the store! Here are two additional simple and powerful ways to use High John : The easiest way to reap the benefits of High John is to carry it on you. Anoint a yellow candle with Money Drawing oil.