Mind maps for kids: the shortcut to success at school

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Uou will be doing ell kinds of experimenting when gou look et materiale in science. All materiale are the same in that they are oil made up of ting partielee. At the same time they very a lot.

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Do gou find this confueing? All mill be made clear and simple hg Mind Maps that help gou remember where the difference: and eimilaritiee lie. Why is schoo? I started off this Mind Map with the three main groups into which materials can be put. I then used the main branches to define the properties of each group, and the smaller branches for exsmples. Solids keep their shape. Solids can be cut or shaped. Anything you can grab hold of is solid.

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Liquids are runny and flow downwards with grauity. Liquids take up the shape of any container into which they are poured. The surface of a liquid in a container stays level. The central image on the Mind Map has been filled in to help you get started.

The Complete Guide on How to Mind Map for Beginners

Look at the two experiments below. Making a candle is an example of a reversible change. Burning a candle is an example of an irreversible change. The solid wax turns into a liquid as it heats through. The liquid is poured into a mould and takes the shape of the mould. As the wax cools down, the liquid freezes see below and becomes solid again. The volume of the wax has not changed.

This is a reversible change because the solid wax changed to a liquid, then back to a solid again without any being lost or added, so there was no change in the materials properties. The wick of a candle is lit. The wax burns, giving off light, heat and smoke. If the candle is left to burn it becomes smaller. In other words, the volume of the wax has changed.

This is an irreuersible change because something has been lost from the candle. What's ihc most important thing io remember in Chemistry? It is important that we are aware of the geography of our world though, so take a few imaginative steps into your brain and start planning a round-the-world trip! And there is no chance of you getting lost! Did you hear about the brilliant geography teacher? He had abroad knowledge of his Subject!


U W' sis Our winters aren't that cold, but our summers aren't too hot either! And never go out without an umbrella. Rainfall throughout the year, with warmer summers and colder winters often below freezing. It's just as hot as Egypt, but rainy too. Uerg cold all gear round. The sun shines, but gou i won't be taking gour clothes off to sunbathe!

It is hot and drg all gear here, just as deserts should be! Remember, though, that deserts get uerg cold at night. In these areas it will be hot all gear with the possibility of one or two raing seasons.

See a Problem?

Sudden, ueru heavg rainfall is usual, known as a monsoon. It's true, water is all around us, but not alwags in obvious places, like in the air we breathe. Let's get one thing straight: the water cgcle does not haue two wheels and a bell. It is the process of euaporation and condensation of water in the air, which is going on around us all the time, so gou should know about it. Read the notes opposite about the water cgcle and see if gou can turn them into a Mind Map.

Remember that ouaporotion and condonntion are the two kog procents, so use them as a starting point. Organizing Ever feel ovorwhclmcd by all the masse: of information coming in at gou? Mind Maps help put it all together.

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It keeps going all the time. Evaporation - turning into a gaa l 'live sun can lieat water. Tlie water evaporates lhfo a gas. Water on Planet Earth l Tllt water liere or. Rerrerrlaer tliat ice. Von really; :lo reed to how tlie worils evarioratior : nl corilersatior. Dorit lorqet tlmt water tloesrlt rlisaririear wlier it erarioratos, lrut it turrs irto a qas.

Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Loolt carelullu : t tlir cliaqrarr irl tir-e water cut-le Below. A r l, E"L'J. Jl nu! Do gou doodle? Did gou know that most people doodle? They do! Doodling is not a waste of time and it helps gou to not lose concentration. Lots of recent studies show that doodling helps gour concentration and is a great memory booster.

A Mind Map is the most sophisticated doodle irnaginsble! Do doodle, do! Many people think that learning a modern foreign language can be difficult. It can, if you don't Mind Map. Like English and mathematics, modern foreign languages are simply a matter of understanding a few basic concepts and ideas. The drawing on page 76 shows how Mind Maps can help you remember those tricky uerbs.