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TPC Series of Modular Industrial Panel PCs , Advantech(EN) - Factory Automation - Advantech

Smart cameras utilize multiple different technologies, including image sensors, storage space, and processing capabilities. While a more powerful smart camera may be able to execute more complicated tasks at a faster speed, they also take up more space and require more power for operation. Smart factories utilize other technologies alongside their industrial computers as well. Many smart cameras can now be connected with HMI or a screen at the production line, rather than communicating only with a control room.

The ability to have a screen on the production line means that problems can be caught far earlier in the production process.

If an error occurs, production can be stopped or adjusted almost instantly. The industrial panel PC, like the computer itself, is rugged, and can withstand the elements within any factory space.

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Another option available alongside industrial computers are industrial tablets. These make working on the factory floor or quickly and easily shifting operations a breeze.


Their rugged build makes them perfect for use anywhere and in any factory, while their processing power make them great for working on the go when a traditional computer is not available. Many industrial tablets, including the Rugged X10, also have cellular capabilities, which can allow operators to work from anywhere, which can help to speed up production and increase profits.

A revolution is underway in the industrial sector. Smart factories — automated facilities aimed at eliminating human error — are replacing their more traditional counterparts and expanding rapidly in the process. Read More.

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At the core of present-day production facilities are industrial computers. Aimed largely at streamlining data acquisition and process regulation in shop-floor settings, industrial computers continue to function both as a primary processing resource, as well as a secondary light-weight computing front-end. Nothing serves a highly distributed, process control environment better than an industrial computer.

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