Restocking and Stock Enhancement of Marine Invertebrate Fisheries

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Additional keywords: aquaculture-based fisheries enhancement, competition, sea ranching, stock enhancement.

Advances in the aquatic sciences. Shopping Cart: empty. Search our journals. Previous Next Contents Vol 69 Abstract Responsible fisheries enhancement should include comprehensive monitoring programs to detect ecological effects of fish releases and support adaptive management. Kimberley van Neil, Dr Bryan Boruff. Impact of different mangrove management regimes on the macrobenthic fauna of the Sungai Merbok Estuary, Kedah awarded Interactions between behaviour, habitat and predation on prawn populations.


Age and growth of Tilapia populations in Ethiopian lake systems. Nesting behaviour and impacts on reproductive behaviour of small mouth bass.

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Whale shark movement and migration patterns at Ningaloo Reef. First Class.

Interaction of the western rock lobster with lobster pots. Class 2A. Behaviour of spawning aggregations of orange roughy on the Cascade Plateau, south-eastern Tasmania. Behaviour of bottle nose dolphins around fish trawl nets in the Pilbara Trawl Fishery. Characteristics and biology of octopus in the fisheries of Western Australia. Investigating the affect of sponge distribution on sponging behaviour by dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Protected species interactions, particularly flesh-footed shearwaters, in the Albany purse seine fishery. The spatial arrangements of habitats and their influence on epibenthic fauna.

Marine Biomedicine: production of food and biopharmaceuticals through scallop aquaculture

The influence of seagrass patch dimensions on fish and crustacean communities. Developing sampling strategies for seagrass fish communities over large areas First Class.

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The use of stable isotope enrichment studies to distinguish between seagrass and their epiphytes as sources of nutrition for juvenile prawns. Light regimes and their impact on loss and recovery of the seagrass Halophila ovalis First class. Impact of light on physiology and ecology of 6 seagrass species in Moreton Bay, south-east Queensland. First class. Impact of tournament fishing on survival of bass High Distinction.

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Restocking and Stock Enhancement of Marine Invertebrate Fisheries, Volume 49

Research areas My main research interests are in the areas of: Population biology and ecology of fish and invertebrates particularly crustaceans ; Relationships between aquatic habitats e. Current projects. Publications Chapters Tyne, J. Dichmont, C. Loneragan, N. Carter, D.

Skilleter, G. Journals Greenwell, C. Wu, Z. Germanov, E.

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Allen, S. Movements of two strains of radio tagged Altlantic salmon, Salmo salar L. Bugoni et al. Potential bycatch of seabirds and turtles in hook-and-line fisheries of the Itaipava Fleet, Brazil. Canion et al. Effect of habitat complexity on predation success: re-evaluating the current paradigm in seagrass beds.

A drop in the ocean: marine fish releases in Australia

Wheeler et al. The use of releases of reared fish to enhance natural populations: a case study on turbot Psetta maxima Linne, Simeone et al. Incidental mortality of Humboldt penguins Spheniscus humboldti in gill nets, central Chile.