The Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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Jahrhunderts in vergleichender Perspektive, in: Loit, Alexander ed. Hunt, Mabel G. Terror und Repression in Estland , in: Forschungen zur baltischen Geschichte volume 6 , pp. The 20th century, Riga , p.

1st Edition

New York For the Latvian case cf. Bleiere, Latvia , pp. Latvians and Estonians rather demanded a division of Livonia governorate and the attachment of the respective parts to Courland or Estonia.

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The Years of Independence. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, —, Berkeley , pp. Der Fall Ober Ost , Wiesbaden , p. Weiss, Baltische Frage , pp. For the Lithuanian case cf. Eine Exkursion, in: Tauber, Joachim ed. In Estonia, nearly 10 percent of the population — in total , men — were conscripted into the Russian Army, and 75 percent of them came from rural areas. Bleiere, Latvia , p.

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I, ap. Further pieces of advice included drinking black coffee, strong tea or liquor. For the case of the towns along the German-Russian border cf. A significant number was also recruited in Kovno district. KAA f.

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Drama and Tragedy], Riga ; Bleiere, Latvia , p. A political history of Finland since , London , p. Upton states that the most common reason for young Finnish men to join the Army voluntarily was a lust for adventure. Upton, Finnish Revolution , p.

Hatlie, Riga , pp. Rivista telematica di studi sulla memoria femminile 1 , pp. For the case of Germans in Kovno governorate cf. Hatlie, Riga , p. Priedite, Latvian Refugees , p. Boulder , p. Dabartis 4, 11 September , p. Liulevicius, Kriegsland , p. Klees, Michael: Begegnungen mit dem Osten. In Kaunas, for instance, Lithuania's second largest city, only two or three bakeries were functioning when the German Army entered the city.

Moreover, with the Tillmanns and Schmidt plants, Kaunas' by far largest factories had been largely deconstructed. Weeks, Vilnius , p. The colonization of Courland and forceful eviction of the remaining Latvians into Russia were even propagated by influential German historian Friedrich Meinecke Hamburg , p. Germany and the East, , Ithaca , p. Ereignis, Wirkung, Nachwirkung, Paderborn , pp. Documents and material], Riga Povest' o germanskikh dobrovol'tsakh [Freikorps. Pajur, Ago: Der Ausbruch des Landeswehrkrieges.

Die estnische Perspektive, in: Forschungen zur Baltischen Geschichte 4 , pp. Reader and Bibliography, Minsk , p. This total figure was most likely exaggerated.

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Sammartino, Impossible Border , p. The White Armies of Yudenich and Bermondt-Avalov included soldiers of all ethnic origins — however, in the latter case, mostly Germans. London , p. The intentions of the Landeswehr, Pajur says, were very unclear. Pajur, Ausbruch , pp. Freikorps members also shot Latvians in Tukums, in Mitau, mostly legitimizing the killings by the alleged collaboration of the victims with the Bolsheviks.

Liulevicius, Kriegsland , pp. Kirby, D. Kent , pp. Bleiere, Daina et al. Kesselring, Agilolf: Des Kaisers "finnische Legion".

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, 1st Edition

Liulevicius, Vejas Gabriel: War land on the Eastern front. Nies, Susanne: Lettland in der internationalen Politik. Rauch, Georg von: The Baltic states. The years of independence.

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Sammartino, Annemarie: The impossible border. Germany and the east, , Ithaca Cornell University Press. Schuster, Frank M. Upton, Anthony F. Westerhoff, Christian: Zwangsarbeit im Ersten Weltkrieg. Metadata Subjects. Author Keywords.

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