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Yes, prayer helps — meditation too. We highly recommend keeping that practice to be more capable of managing psychic abilities. If you feel uncomfortable around people you should honor that. It may be that you are an empath. Empathy generally falls under Clairsentience.

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10 Signs of Psychic Awakening and How to Embrace Them

A woman who has helped me is Rose Rosetree. I warmly recommend her books. Another author who I recommend even more is Rosemary Altea. You Own the Power is the title of her book. It was so bad with me that I got misdiagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I was taking a medicine and by stoppinvlg this medicine clarity began to take over. If you guys are taking meds for anxiety I am not saying to stop. What I suggest is to listen to your intuition on the best course. If you are in fact an empath its essential that you become emotionally intellectual and are aware of who you are strengths, weaknesses etc.

This is because the lines can get blurred between who you really are and what is taken on from others. Its essential that you find ways to strenghen your solar plexus as this is where empaths draw power. The more self esteem you have the easier it is to be you, that unique and special individual. The third eye is sort of a command center and is what allows us to manipulate energy. This is important with regard to pulling your energy in the wider the energy field the more crap u can pick up.

But having all of your chakras healthy is a good idea.

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The root chakra serves to anchor you you feel more attuned to you, your own body, and the throat chakra helps bring into manifestation the energies of the first three chakras. Its essential because the chakras do not know the difference between your own feelings or others. Its essential they stay healthy. The foot chakra is essential too. The foot chakra sends excess energy back into the earth. Soaking your feet in epsom salts is reccomended.

I can see stuff happen and when one of my body parts hurt someone gets hurt in that exact place and feel stuff and will black out time to time and people moving and talking with one and other about something and then it happens seconds later. That sounds like empathy or clairsentience , and precognition! Can we email kameahm gmail. Ok well I have no idea what my psychic ability is and I've researched a lot about it but I just can't find the right one for me….

I first got into psychic abilitys when I got my dolly magazine and it had a box to start with then it would have a question inside of it and if you were to say yes then it would lead you to another box and it would continue until the end where it would have 4 different boxes with different ability and I would always land on telepathy becasue you could start at diferent boxes but all my friends and family members get more then 1 ability but at first I thought that they might have been changing their answers to each question each time until i tried to use my ability and I keep practicing and practicing but it never works and I have no idea what to do.

Please answer. Magazines and tests may be able to catch if you have a specific ability, but the best way to know for sure is to meditate! Meditate so you are more aware of yourself and what you can actually sense outside of your five senses — it will take a while, but the practice of patience and awareness you build up from meditation will help you identify your abilities from your own experience. And once the cool air hit you it was very soothing as well.

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I know how u feel. An example of this happening, was during a conversation with my friends. They would open their mouths to say something and I would either say it before them or at the exact same time.

They found it desturbing, but they all shrugged it off as a big Jinx. I have really strong sense of character. Also I can do many other thigs without meaning to. When i go into a vision my eyes tend to flare ocen blu and I'm scared. I have had many visions a mysterious guy that i feel like I know but I do not. What does this mean? I am scared of this gift. I also have felt ghost's and spirits and many other supernatural aura's. How do I hone my ablities? How do I figure out who the mysterious guy is? How do I figure out the string of numbers in my head? I'm extremely terrifiedsomething's going to happen in my college years, and I do not know what to do.

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  7. Can anyone tell me how powerful I am? Over my lifetime i've had lots of those weird things happen that can't be explained really and freak out even skeptics. I'm hoping someone might have a clue of advice because there is no possible way this is just in my head. Hm how to explain.. Sounds crazy. I sometimes go through a couple months when people think my thoughts but don't know they are doing it. My sons are the worst! My daughter not so much. I literally can't have a private thought during those periods!

    Also, I can "call people to me" for lack of better terms. If i make a connection with them in my head by thinking, no matter if we haven't spoken in forever, they one way or another show up.

    The Psychic Next Door by Yvette Russell

    It's sort of like i have no privacy! I don't know about you, but i don't want my 8yr old knowing what i'm thinking all the time. It's like being psychic but backwards! The worst part is that i have a bad situation in that i can't keep my ex-husband out of my head and he is a huge predator. He chilled out for about a yr and a half but low and behold, i put him in my head processing past damage and poof, he's badgering me threatening to get an attorney again..

    He's screwing up my kids. I need to learn how to keep him out of my head. It's time. Right now. He is no joke. Way too powerful! See how that works, and we wish you the best of luck! Hey there.. I was in similar situation… But gradually after going through all suffering i came to the conclusion that its not they who put thought in your head..

    Actually we create our own reality. To stop every thing from bothering you, first of all you need to forgive that person for all their deeds..