The Magic Knot (The Magic Knot Series)

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Sounds like a wonderful book and one I would enjoy. Another great review, Gannon! Sounds like another great book to add to the ol' TBB list! Andrea, I think you'll love it! Helen, I still have to read The Magic Knot. Combining magic, action and romance, it's a story that will delight and enchant readers. Cornish pisky wise woman Cordelia Tink has been left in charge of the pisky troop while the new king and queen, Niall and Rose O'Connor hero and heroine of The Magic Knot are out of the country.


The task of recording the troop's history is her job, but she would much rather be doing something more enjoyable, like thinking about sexy and charming Michael O'Connor, Niall's twin brother. Cordelia sometimes foretells Michael's future with her divination mirror, but she doesn't always like what she sees--Michael making love to various women. The sight of Michael's body awakens Cordelia's water nymph allure, which she keeps under control with the magical Celtic symbol wards she has painted on her body.

But the wards can't keep her from feeling the desire and heat she experiences when she's around Michael. Michael is the troop's storyteller, entertaining, engaging and free from virtually all responsibility. He is the quintessential ladies' man, but there is something about Cordelia that intrigues and attracts him. Michael is in charge of watching over his twin nephews while his brother and sister-in-law are gone. When someone opens a portal between this world and the Underworld, Michael's nephew, Fin, is trapped and held hostage by minions of Gwyn ap Nudd, King of the Underworld.

Michael and Cordelia must travel to the Underworld to rescue Fin. If they are to succeed, they must learn to trust each other, their companions, and themselves. Cordelia and Michael are a dynamic hero and heroine who literally face death to rescue Fin and in turn discover a love that will save them all. Their journey is fraught with peril as they battle the darkest evil. But as their trust in one another grows, so does their love.

And it's pure magic. Cordelia rushed to Michael, pressing her palm over his heart center, willing her strength into him as he wrapped his arms around her. She inhaled the herbal, earthy tang of his skin. His lips met hers, and she kissed him with all the passion locked inside her, the allure swelling and surging like a storm within her wards, threatening to break free. She framed his face in her hands and stared into his blue eyes, darkened now with fear.

Taylor has created a magical world filled with unbelievable beings that she makes you believe in. You may need to slightly adjust your tension to make this happen. I gave you a lot of details but this join goes quickly once you get the hang of it and remember — no ends to weave in. Here are a few more popular ones:.

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It's secure and another way to avoid having to weave in ends. Get our how-to and tips! It's secure and another way to avoid having. All three suggest an unspe- cific date in the Early Classical period.

See Langlotz and Hirmer , 84; Foti , 63; Luppino , See Fig. These holes are visible in Fig. However, for a closer view, see Luppino , , who illustrates a colour detail of the Heracles knot.

The Magic Knot

Orsi restores either a crown of myrtle or a crown of laurel. A crown of laurel would also be restored by Picard , , n. First, the wig may have been originally intended for the head but when it was discovered that it did not fit, it was kept in the temple because of its costly material and because of its association with the sacred cult image of Apollo. Perhaps another similar wig, in a larger size, was then created for the extant head of Apollo. These explanations seem unlikely, however, because of the separately cast locks that would have been attached in back, making it difficult for the wig to be displayed in any other way than atop a sculpted head Lambrinoudakis , , no.

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  8. Finally, the third, and most likely, possibility is that the wig belonged to an earlier acrolithic cult statue of Apollo that does not sur- vive, perhaps because it was sculpted from wood. On the various reconstructions of this statue and the chronology of the temple and sanctuary, see Nicgorski , , n. This knot of hair, formed from a group of locks that are gathered above the ears, on either side of the head, and pulled in a sort of roll across the forehead to the centre, indicates that the Chatsworth head despite the fact that it lacks braids must also be understood as representing a variant of the more common krobylos hairstyle.

    In addition, the hair on the back of the Chatsworth head descends as far as the nape in finely engraved strands pressed close to the curve of the head.

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    There thick locks break free into a cascade of separately- cast curls that fall onto the back of the neck. Shorter curls, also separately cast and soldered on, fall over the ears and onto the temples. However, all the scholars of Cypriot art, and many scholars of Greek art who have commented on the piece call it a Greek generally Attic import or the work of a Greek artist on Cyprus.

    Others, however, consider the Chatsworth head to be the work of an Ionian artist. See, for example, Pfeiff , 84; Lawrence , The exist- ing rivets are modern ones for the re-attachment of the detached curls.

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    See Haynes , ; Mattusch , Picard , postulated an ivy rather than a laurel crown. Dikaios , and Houser , 74 , however, argue for a laurel wreath. See F. Poulsen , 71, pl. See Berry , 26, no. Unfortunately, in order to remove the slightly over life-sized bronze statue from its find spot, the villag- ers lashed it to a team of oxen and by dragging it across the stony ground caused the head, arms and legs to separate from the body. These parts, the finders observed, had been separately cast and soldered together. Afraid of what action the Turkish authorities might take against them and unaware of the value of their find, the villagers broke up the body, arms and legs and sold them as scrap metal.

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    The head, however, was preserved and was purchased by a Mr Bondiziano of Larnaca. He in turn sold it to H. Borrell, a well-known dealer and numismatist in Smyrna, from whom it was acquired in by the 6th Duke of Devonshire. The statue stood with left leg slightly advanced and, as far as Ross could tell, with arms hanging vertically on either side.

    See also Gjerstad , ; Wace , ; Houser , There are, furthermore, reports that up until the end of the 19th century fragments of a hand and parts of the mitra, loincloth or belt still existed in the nearby village of Pera: Buchholz , ; Lambrinoudakis , , no.

    See also Masson , All three represent a man wearing a belt and a Cypriot loincloth with a nude upper body and bare feet. The largest of the three statu- ettes now in Berlin, from about BC, also wears a conical helmet.