Unlocking the Brain: Volume 2: Consciousness

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Imparare dal cervello malato, Cortina, ; The Spontaneous Brain. A brain-based approach The concept of self was dealt with originally in philosophy and most recently has entered neuroscience. The self also plays a central role in psychotherapy as it is ultimately the self that needs to be healed and stabilized by psychotherapeutic means.

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Here I report latest findings from the neuroscience of self and suggest what they imply for a proper brain-based individualized psychotherapy of self that focuses on the relational aspects and nature of the self. Essentially, I will characterize the self in a relational and spatiotemporal way rather than in a in isolated and cognitive way. Possible psychotherapeutic implications will be discussed.

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Unlocking the Brain, 2 Volumes by Georg Northoff | | Booktopia

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Prices and offers may vary in store. Neuroscience has made considerable progress in figuring out how the brain works. We know much about the molecular-genetic and biochemical underpinnings of sensory and motor functions, and recent neuroimaging work has opened the door to investigating the neural underpinnings of higher-ordercognitive functions, such as memory, attention, and even free will.

In these types of investigations, researchers apply specific stimuli to induce neural activity in the brain and look for the function in question. However, there may be more to the brain and its neuronal states than the changes inactivity we induce by applying particular external stimuli.

Unlocking the Brain: Volume 2: Consciousness

In Volume 1 of Unlocking the Brain, Coding, Georg Northoff presents his argument for how the brain must code the relationship between its resting state activity and stimulus-induced activity in order to enable and predispose mental states and consciousness. In Volume 2, Consciousness, Georg Northoffaddresses consciousness by hypothesizing about the relationship between particular neuronal mechanisms and the various phenomenal features of consciousness.

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